MonoGame UAP for Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10 Build 10240)


Recently I updated my Windows 10 to the latest Build 10240 and I wanted to create my own game framework leveraging the powerful Win2D which is open source from Microsoft and I was thinking, hmm… why not find see the existing game framework first. And yes, it remind me to my experience using XNA which is, well “not available” anymore. So I turn to MonoGame, yes… one of the best open source game framework. And so I did, I download the latest MonoGame 3.4.

Perfect! right… By the way, I’m using Visual Studio 2015 (Enterprise), you can also install MonoGame 3.4 for Visual Studio Community 2015 which is free for developers. Once, installed, I directly see the Project Templates ( yay! very excited ).

MonoGame 3.4 Windows 10 UAP Project Templates
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I’m back!

Hi all…

Yes, I’m back since my absence in blogging for three years. I will write some cool stuff (hopefully), new technology, ideas, tips and tricks (as usual) and share some of my good, traveling, enjoyable life.

However, I may not writing like years ago, it will be slow a bit. But, hey that is fine as long as I can share with you all. Anyway, thank you for your support.

I'm Back!