About Me


Hi there, my name is Riza Marhaban. My friends and family call me Riza. I’m a Cloud Architect, Software Developer, Trainer, Manager and Traveler. I work in Singapore and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). If you know where and how I work, than this is also a disclaimer for this blog and its content, ideas or perhaps opinions are from my own perspective, knowledge and views. I blog about anything from technology, gadgets, devices, coding, life, traveling, music, etc., basically from what I experienced in life.


My degree is in Mechanical Engineering based on robotics, automation, software and some aerospace technology. That is why I also love Internet of Things (IoT). I also love traveling and music, I create one instrumental song because I’m very bad if singing. So composing and playing musical instruments should be enjoyable option for me. For computer technology, sometimes I become an early adopter for testing and curiosity. I’m very passionate in software development starting from solution architecture up to coding, testing and deployment. For me programming is an art, when you know a language fluently, you may not know the beauty until you understand to architect a poem or poetry. And yes, I’m a fan of Microsoft Technology since PC-DOS/MS-DOS up to current Windows. But hey, the world is moving around and we should use other technology as well. I’ve been using Open Source technology since 1995 as well, Java, PHP, JavaScript, etc.


As a community leader, I also manage my own communities in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as well helping other communities. Here is the list oh my communities;

  1. .NET Developers Community Singapore – Own (Co-Founder)
  2. Azure Community Singapore (ACS) – Own (Co-Founder)
  3. Azure Community Indonesia (ACI) – Own (Co-Founder)
  4. Azure Community Malaysia (ACM)  – Helping Manage
  5. MIND (Malaysia Independent Developers) – Helping Manage


Github: https://github.com/rizamarhaban

Twitter: @rizamarhaban

That’s all…!

Photo of me and sunset in Bali (2015)
at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali