Gunakanlah Tools Visual Studio Mutakhir untuk Pengembangan Software

Sekarang Sudah Tahun 2018!

Catatan: Tolong dibaca dulu SEMUA dan jangan ambil setengah-setangah. Nanti salah faham.

Saya melihat yang menggunakan Windows 7, 8, 10 masih banyak yang menggunakan tools lama untuk pengembangan (development) software. Sekarang ini sudah tahun 2018. Janganlah kita menggunakan tools lama yang sudah ketinggalan teknologi dan lainnya. Berikut ini saya akan coba membantu agar para programmer bisa meng-upgrade software untuk pengmbangan dengan yang mutakhir.

Visual Studio 2017 Edisi Community itu GRATIS! Dan nggak ada embel-embel dibelakangnya

Saya ingat dulu pada protes kalau tools untuk pengembangan software mahal. Nah, sekarang Microsoft sudah memberikan Visual Studio 2017 Community gratis tanpa embel-embel dibelakangnya, bahkan sejak Visual Studio 2015 Community. Berikut ini tabel kemampuan Visual Studio 2017 Community yang bisa digunakan. Read More

Why web developers need to move to .NET Core and using ASP.NET Core MVC to build Web and Web Services/API instead

This is my personal opinion and I have a good reason to recommend developers to move to .NET Core instead of .NET Framework. Some might disagree with my opinion, but hey, it’s good to share thoughts and to discuss it. I’m not going to tell what is .NET Framework as you can just Google it, but I can assure you that .NET Framework can only be run on a Windows Operating System machine.

Drawing The Line

There will always be a reason for developers or their team lead to saying that their system is still using old system which is obviously happen to enterprise developers. So, I will draw some lines on who should move to using .NET Core instead of .NET Framework. Here is what is in my mind:

  1. If you are a maintainer of a legacy Windows services backend, web apps or web services, than you need to keep using .NET Framework for now.
  2. If your apps will be deployed on an old Windows Server machines, than you might want to stick with .NET Framework for now.
  3. If you are a VB developers which only relied on VB.NET language, than you have to use .NET Framework.
  4. If you are sure that your system won’t be deployed to a cloud very soon, than you can stick with .NET Framework for now.
  5. If you are stuck without any option whatsoever to use .NET Framework, than you need to continue using .NET Framework.

Beginners, just learn .NET Core instead!

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Creating Chat Bot using 100% ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web API and Microsoft Bot Framework

Bot Application with BotBuilder SDK

To create a chat bot application using .NET Framework, you might already know this type of Bot Application template when launching new project in Visual Studio 2017.

The problem is, the NuGet packages and the template project which is from the BotBuilder SDK currently only support .NET Framework 4.6 and above as stated on the page and not yet supporting .NET Core related. Here is the message from the docs page:

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Using Autofac DI/IoC Container in Xamarin.Forms iOS & Android Mobile Apps

UPDATE (October 27, 2017)

Added MobileClient.UWP Project that support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Build 16299.15. Here is the reference on .csproj for the UWP project:

I have updated the source code on GitHub as well. Enjoy!

On Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:


On Android:


Below is the video on Youtube, showing how to use Autofac DI/IoC Container in Xamarin.Forms iOS & Android Mobile Apps. Just easy and simple.

Source Code: